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„Just Unbelievable Tailoring & Hatmaking“

Made-to-order tailoring studio of Anna Vojáčková

I am a lover of craft, art and beauty of all kinds. After a long journey my passion for art, history and sights, creativity, photography, illustration and theatre combined in 2007 under the brand name „Juth design“, that formed later into a tailoring studio, where I design and create high quality, unconventional garments.

You can see me creating, dancing, performing, re-enacting, which means that I really use many of these clothes. Because they are my passion, I always try to put in them the very best of my skills and experience.

Allow me to invite you into my land where dreams come true.

I will gladly realize for you:

Period clothing replicas

Costumes inspired by genres such as fantasy, steampunk and others

Movie costumes replicas

Unconventional wedding gowns

Traditional corsets and stays

Dancing constumes

Luxurious, unusual and made-to-measure civil garments