My Skills

Alow me to present all the roads I take to bring you to the magic land. Follow your dreams to the fantasy land, where fairies, queens and knights still wander.

Drawing and painting

Art&Design of the Wonderland.


Sewing the reality of other worlds.


Bringing the dreams to the ordinary life.


Little window frames to the Land of dreams.

Recent Works

Welcome to my world of Art and Craft !

Allow me to introduce myself. I am lover of all beautiful craft, starting with drawing, painting, jewel making and ending with textile works. The last (and not least) is my biggest passion, so I decided to work for now as a tailor, making my living with making custom comissioned garments and costumes.

I studied Fashion Design at University of Western Bohemia, and currently I perfect my tailoring skill at Tailors´s studio Highschool under leadership of a wonderfull Master in craft with 40 years of experience. I have worked in this area for 6 years now, starting as a mere amateur, but I strive constantly to have more professional results. My biggest passion is for costume (historical, fantasy, dance cosumes and more), being a huge romantic. This is reflected in all my works, as I have always been a "day-dreamer". The most sweet pleasure is to realise those dreams as an adult.

I have many experience in dancing and theatre as a perfomer, so I put my best effort to come to all needs of these specific disciplines in making costumes. Beside this, in everyday fashion, I let these fascinating worlds of "the ideal" come to life.

Favorite Citations

Oscar Wilde
"the Dandy"

One should either be a work of Art, or wear a work of Art.

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    Prague - Czech Republic

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