Art Comissions

If there is a style in my gallery, that you like and you want me to paint something for you, don´t hesitate to contact me! I would love to illustrate any book or story, that I find magical! Or if you need a design for a costume or a character, I can provide picture and advice, even textiles samples. I do not paint portraits though, there are more skilled artists for this ;)

Art Prints

I sell prints of my Goddess Art here :

If you desire to ship outside Czech Republic, let me know by email. Also if you desire a print or original of another artwork, I am entirely at your disposal, just contact me!

My Artworks

Just a selection of my artpieces.

I´ve always loved drawing and painting. Illustrating stories, which mostly consisted of clothing the heroes ;) I just made a little detour to fashion from there. I am also fascinated by human body, so that is always a big subject for me. Iˇm discovering colors right now and I just love the emotion they have! I use mostly different graphites and charcoals, aquarel and acrylic, wall paint, metallic finished and ink. It´s my hobby, a bit of everything, but it is my great love to fill a blank page!

You can find more of my art at Deviantart!

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