Journey to the Dream Land

These are generally costumes inspired by some history period, book, film or game, adapted for special ocassions or general wearing. Comissions are not sometimes done to the best of the detail, it depends a lot on the costumer. But when I am free to create, then I try to think it through and create or find accessoires that make the final WOW moment.

Click on image to see more photos and description.

"Eodred" wedding dress


Autumn elven coat


Fantasy riding gown


Elven Red Gown

Brown "Huntress Queen" Costume

(In progress)

Huntress Costume

Violet Lady of Avalon Costume


lady of avalon costume

Eówyn Inspired Costume

(Still in progress)

Eowyn costume

Rustical Winter Costume

Rustical Costume

Water Mage LARP Costume


Mage Costume

Legend of Five Rings Fire Costume

Men shirts inspired by Middle-age

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