A trip to the romantic Dark Ages

These costumes were created for my performing on Medieval fairs or plays. And some comissiones of course. I love sewing Middle Age dress. They are so womanly and beautiful, brethtaking not only fot the spectator, but for the wearer also! Do you want to feel like a princess? Here is the way!

Generally I do not try to be historically acurate, but if that is needed, I can do it! Previous research is or course included, I also know some 13century techniques of sewing, so there is room for reneactment!

The price of handsewn replics is higher, due to the amount of time and skills needed.

Click on image to see more photos and description.

"Dame a la Licorne"


Winter Gown

Late Middle Age Surcotte

Modern Variantion in turqoise and honey

12th century "Chemise"

Linen shirt (early Middle-age)

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