Informal clothes
basic patterns construction
skirt 4,7
shirt or short dress 5,8
long dress
trousers 7.8
jackets and coats
pattern alterations and fitting
pattern alteration based on specification 3,9
1st fitting
every next fitting
mock-up fitting
creating the mock-up
making of clothes of basic difficulty
simple pattern, medium compelxity, less then 10% of hand-stitching, lining
short skirt 29
long skirt 42
kalhoty 65
informal short dress 52
informal long dress 77
little evening dress 115 to 180
big evening gown 210 to 310
wedding dress 210 to 385
shirt or blouse 52
vest 52
jacket summer (unlined) 130
formal jacket 210
smoking 230
short coat 155 to 210
long coat 245
T-shirt 10,5
elastic dress 19
elastic trousers (leggins,sport,…) 9
additional charges
on inquiry based on concrete comission!
hand embroidery
from 52
machine embroidery from 21
hand decoration (stones, beads, lace) from 13
hand seaming and shaping lace from 52
more then 2 pieces of pockets on a clothing
à 5,8
alteration on finished gown 50% of the price
increased hand work
up to + 30% of the price
„haute couture“ technology up to + 200% of the price
historical clothes (period replicas)
Prices are influenced by the manner of „historically accurate“ hand finishing and appropriate techniques. We can work by hand or by machine, depending on your needs. If you need clothes for another period than listed, consult individually by email. Thank you.
early medieval, vikings, slavs
tunic, shirt
long loose dress 77
long fitted dress 90
„apron“ (suspended) dress 39
gathered skirt 24
cloak 18
kaftan 65
late medieval
cotte, kirtle 115
surcotte 145
surcotte „devil´s eyes“ 77
overgarment (gardecorps) 155
short cape without buttons 13
buttoned cape 18
body linen 31
hose (short)
additional charge for hand embroidery depending on scale
additional charge for „dagging“ 52
headgear (veils, hats etc.) depending on type: up to 65
shirt 20
stays 115
hoop skirt 26
supportive undergarment (kirtle) 170
decorative top garment (giornea or tudorian overdress for ex.) 260
supportive single layer dress (venetian for ex.) 145
decorative sleeves 13 to 65
victorian fashion
corset 130
bustle 39
crinolin 65
bloomers 21
walking dress (skirt+jacket) from 167
theatrical costumes
Movie costume replicas, fantasy clothes for Larp, cosplay or stage, costumed weddings etc. Here just a sample. Price is influenced by amount of decorations, compexity, materials used… Limits are set only by your wallet and your fantasy!
simple laced dress 52
underbust corset 115
overbust corset 170
signle layer dress with medium decorations 115
lined long overcoat with decorative sleeves 170
movie replicas and more
on inquiry