Who is „Juth“ aka „Just Unbelievable Tailoring & Hatmaking“ ?

Since 2003 the pseudonym Juthwara hides a little girl, that always wanted to lie down into the king’s bed during castle tours, that has been stalking knights at renfairs, at age 11 desperately fell in love with Lady Galadriel dress and has been secretly dreaming to become a princess one day. She has grown up, but only to fulfill that dream. The pseudonym became a brand name, which has been with me for 10 incredible years. Tailoring skills allowed me to fulfill those dreams – and fulfill them to others as well. To everybody who loves beauty, imagination, magic, femininity, fairytales and adventure. Today the adventure is not only about daydream, it is about dance, theatre, balls, meeting beautiful and talented people, living art and history. My motto “In the land, where dreams come true” is meant to invite you in one of those dreams and make it real with my skills.


Anna Vojáčková
Anna Vojáčková
Born 1990 in Prague, spent her childhood wandering in beautiful Czech mountains and breathing in the atmosphere of numerous castles and ruins of Czech republic, France, England…
from 2002 Studied French lyceum of Pierre de Coubertin in hussite Tabor, Czech Republic
First improvement in drawing and illustration under surveillance of teachers and painters from Elementary Art Schools
from 2006 Studied Lyceum Jan Neruda in Prague
Lectures from academic painter Vladimír Vošahlík
2006-2010 performing in dance-theatrical company TS Fae, for which first stage costumes are created
2008-2009 A year long intensive Tailoring course
2007-2014 co-operates with The Company of medieval life W-Arlet
2010-2012 Studied Fashion Design at University of Western Bohemia
2012-2014 qualified as “tailor” after 3yr long studies at High school of service and craft in Liberec, Czech Republic