My costuming portfolio

Please feel free to wonder around these articles with the best selection of my works in several areas. They are regularily updated.

My costuming offer

I specialize on fantasy and history costumes, but those are not the limits, as I love to explore beyond these borders. My strongest inspiration are ethnic, medieval, scifi and fantasy related influences, which I combine more or less "strictly", depending on the purpose of the costume.

Most of all I love sewing gowns, as the magic of beautiful and lost feminine is apealling not only for me, but also for many women, who love to reneact the princesses dreams... But making also the old fashioned men costumes or period clothes is really enjoyable.

Dancing costumes for performes from all kinds of disciplines are also a matter of love affair, as I myself love to dance and perform and love to help my fellow dancers to improve the professionality of their work.

Beyond these areas, I am willing to fullfill anything that your heart desired, just contact me.


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